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Mission & core values

Our mission is to help families Biblically and academically educate their children so that they mature into persons who passionately love God, others, and learning.

The core values of OVCS are listed below. These values are to be embraced by all members of the OVCS community (staff, faculty, students, parents, board, etc.). Expected Student Outcomes (ESO) have been identified as desired qualities that should be exemplified by all OVCS graduates. The ESOs flow from the Core Values:


1. Centered on Christ—Colossians 1:18
  • ESO 1a. Students will have a personal knowledge of Christ as their Savior.

  • ESO 1b. Students will exemplify Christ-like character dependent on God, leading their lives according to Biblical standards of virtue and ethics.

  • ESO 1c. Students will integrate biblical principles and values into life situations.

  • ESO 1d. Students will accept their own self-worth as God’s creation.


2. Focused on Academics—2 Timothy 3:16
  • ESO 2a. Students will be prepared academically in all areas (reading, writing, listening, speaking, science, math, social studies, languages, Bible, technology, and the arts).

  • ESO 2b. Students will have a broad base of knowledge and experiences to draw upon.

  • ESO 2c. Students will think logically and critically to ascertain truth and solve problems.

  • ESO 2d.  Students will apply Biblical principles to an ever-changing world.


3. Devoted to Community—Matthew 22:37-39
  • ESO 3a. Students will treat everyone with honor by demonstrating love, respect, integrity, and godliness.

  • ESO 3b. Students will become responsible citizens in the local community and the world.

  • ESO 3c.  Students will accept positions of leadership and influence to serve others readily.

  • ESO 3d. Students will demonstrate self-control in attitude and behavior.


4. Committed to Excellence—Colossians 3:23
  • ESO 4a. Students will rise above average in a quest to transcend merely average expectations.

  • ESO 4b. Students will reach higher levels of potential with conscious effort.

  • ESO 4c.Students will demonstrate qualities of distinction in academics, character,                                  responsibility, and personal pursuits.

  • ESO 4d.Students will understand that the reward for excellence will not always be an earthly recognition but is rather reasonable service to a loving God.

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