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Meet the 2023-24 Faculty of OVCS!

As we open the month of August, Ohio Valley Christian School is grateful to Jehovah-Jireh, the God who provides! Many events have unfolded over the past year that have led to the need for several new teachers to OVCS for the 2023-24 year! In God's perfect timing, He has met the needs! With orientations coming up soon, here are the teachers and staff that you are likely to see in the building!

In Elementary, our teachers are:

  • Tammy Ferguson -PreK

  • Kristin Harlow -Kindergarten

  • Darlene Beaver -1st Grade

  • Janet Reed -2nd Grade

  • Courtney Beaver -3rd Grade

  • Ashley Burgess -4th Grade

  • Robin Kane -5th Grade

  • Gene Huffman -6th Grade

Our Secondary teachers are:

  • Barbara O'Donnell -7th Homeroom (Math, Spanish)

  • Bailie Warren- 8th Homeroom (Science)

  • Beth Rollins -9th Homeroom (Music, Art)

  • Jay Jarvis -10th Homeroom (Bible, Math)

  • Paul Queen -11th Homeroom (English/Language Arts)

  • Lindsey Salisbury -12th Homeroom (History/Geography)

  • Sommer Sherren -Physical Education/Health

Our building and office staff are:

  • Sarah Smith -School Aid

  • Matt Evans -Safety Officer

  • Candi Davies -Secretary

  • Mara Bailey -Accounting/Bookkeeper

  • Cheryl Jarvis -School Principal

  • Bill Burleson -Athletic Director

  • Andy Blankenship -Administrator

  • Harold Taylor -Information Technology

  • Tammy Weber -Custodial Services

  • Keith Blankenship -Transportation Director

Additionally, Ohio Valley Christian School is operated by a Board of Directors. Currently serving on the board are:

  • Paul Miller, Chair

  • Helenlu Morgan, Vice Chair

  • Nathan Dupont

  • Jessica Lyon

  • Adria Watson

  • Aaron Young

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